Professional Development Made Easy with Online Training from Referential

You heard right folks - our online training has officially launched!

The curriculum for Referential's customer advocacy training was collaboratively created by a group of customer advocacy professionals with experience across a broad range of industries and an assortment of different types of advocacy programs. Our training teaches students how to think and act like an experienced customer advocacy practitioner and how to manage advocacy programs that empower both companies and customers to succeed.

In addition to our in-person training sessions, you can now register for a self-paced online learning experience. The topics covered in the online course and in-person class are identical but the overall learning experience varies across the different delivery formats.

The online training is provided through 10-30 minute video lessons to enable students to complete the course at their own convenience. Every lesson is followed by a comprehension quiz that reinforces the lesson's key takeaways and helps students prepare for ICCAP certification. Lessons also are accompanied by discussion boards where students and course facilitators engage in dialogue, ask questions of one another, and share tips and strategies from their own experience. In addition to video lessons and comprehension quizzes, the online training includes bonus lessons in which a cohort of customer advocacy experts share their advice and best practices for thriving in the discipline.

The in-person training is provided over the course of 1-3 days and is facilitated by an experienced, customer advocacy expert. In-person training is offered at Referential's San Jose headquarters and can be delivered any where around the world by request. We've traveled as close as Redwood City and as far as Rome to support and educate practitioners in the industry. In-person training participants have access to the course facilitator throughout the duration of the class and can ask questions or seek advice directly from the expert. They also have the benefit of being able to connect with and learn from other professionals attending the class.

Currently, our Level 1 training - Introduction to the Fundamentals of Customer Advocacy - is available online. This introductory course is a deep-dive into the principles that shape and define every customer advocacy program. The course provides students an opportunity to learn and apply the basic tools and strategies of advocate recruitment and reference request fulfillment. Topics covered include leveraging reference management systems to track and assess program performance, establishing processes for cross-functional collaboration to identify and recruit advocates, and refining communication strategies for a range of different customer audiences.  

Online courses for Level 2 and Level 3 are coming soon! You can learn more about the contents of each course and how to register for a training on our website: