An Expert Guide for Building a Customer Advocacy Program from Scratch


Before You Leap! What You Need to Know Before Starting a Customer Reference Program”, a recent webinar by Point of Reference, provides a detailed overview of important decisions to consider and details to strategize for when preparing to build an advocacy program from scratch. In the webinar, David Sroka, Co-Founder of Point of Reference, consults two highly experienced advocacy professionals—Alyse Chiariello and Lisa Nakano—on the best practices they’ve learned and leveraged throughout their impressive careers in customer advocacy.

Alyse Chiariello, Senior Director of Customer Marketing at NICE inContact, has more than 15 years of experience in marketing. She has built two reference programs from the ground up and currently manages NICE inContact’s 300-advocate reference program and its staff. Lisa Nakano, Service Director of Customer Engagement Strategies at SiriusDecisions, is a 20-year tech industry veteran well-versed in the customer experience discipline. In her current role researching and advising on customer engagement strategies, she has a broad perspective on trends and developments in the customer advocacy field.

Throughout the webinar, Alyse and Lisa discuss everything from how to position a program to secure executive support and organization-wide program adoption, to best practices for creating a balanced advocacy program team and building a base of customer advocates. By drawing from her research, Lisa helps illuminate what separates high-performing organizations from others while Alyse shares several actionable tips and tactics derived from her breadth and depth of expertise in the discipline.

David skillfully facilitates the discussion, leveraging his wealth of experience in every facet of customer advocacy to elicit the most salient advice from Lisa and Alyse. In just 45 minutes, countless invaluable insights are shared, like Lisa’s overview of how to use the SiriusDecisions Metrics Spectrum to identify and report on the impact and maturity of a program and Alyse’s lessons learned from launching realistic technology strategies, building credibility with stakeholders, and navigating responsibilities as a program leader.

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