The Great ShakeOut - Earthquake Drills

10:17 on 10/17 - the Great ShakeOut! We participated, did you? Over 18 million people will participate in ShakeOut drills, beginning last week. In our drill we used audio from the ShakeOut website for even more realism. Drop, cover, and hold on for safety. We all practice firedrills, or should, and this is a chance to practice for earthquakes. Check out their main site for really helpful information, with details by region, in English and Spanish. Everyone should know how to protect themselves in an earthquake. Even if they are rare where you live, they may happen where you or your family travel.

Great ShakeOut Drills are annual and an opportunity for homes, schools, and businesses to practice and improve preparedness. If you didn't participate this year pledge to do so next. Having been in the Loma Prieta earthquake, those of you outside of Northern California may think of it as the World Series Earthquake, I know how scary they can be. Just a little thougt ahead can make the next one easier to get through and recover from. Be safe!