Hard to believe it's mid January already!

The last few weeks have just flown by!  We have been super busy. We hired two new team members and what are the odds, both are named Alex!  We have an Alexandra and an Alexander sitting next to each other.  So far minimal confusion between them and when we want to refer to both they are ‘the Alexi’. 

We worked through the holidays.  The majority of our clients were open the whole time and those with a fiscal year end in December were busy closing deals, needing references.  As we kick off 2014 our activity level is in high gear.  References are in great demand.  Let’s hope that means the economy really has turned a corner and will stay strong.

Beginning in late 2013 we’ve been finalizing our 2014 contracts with our clients.  Some big changes in terms of doing lots more for several clients.  2014 will be a great year for Referential, Inc. and we hope for you as well.   

2014 is also a year when blog updates will happen regularly!