2014 Holidays

I’m not sure if it’s early or late for this but at Referential we’ve been setting the 2014 holiday schedule. We have eight standard dates each year and then two more are chosen which vary year by year. I see several long holiday weekends ahead! Conveniently the 4th of July is a Friday in 2014. Christmas falls on a Thursday so we will also celebrate Boxing Day, closing the 26th. Boxing Day is a national holiday in the UK and Ireland, and since our founders hail from England it’s quite fitting we should have that as one of our company holidays.

And since someone’s bound to ask, it’s not called Boxing Day because it has anything to do with putting on the gloves and getting in the ring for a friendly fight. Some historians say Boxing Day developed because servants were required to work Christmas day, but took the next day off. As servants left to spend time with family their employers would give them gift boxes. Another theory holds that boxes placed in churches for donations for the poor were opened and the monies distributed on the 26th.

For us, in 2014, Boxing Day will be an extra day to spend with family and friends!