New Address Coming Soon

We’re counting down the days to our move to our new building.   Flooring is in.  Walls are newly painted.  Cubicles and desks arrive and will be built tomorrow.  Kitchen cabinets and appliances installed.   Treadmill desks, we have two, ready to go.  Power and web access are set.  Site security has been improved.  Most of us have figured out the best new commute too. Of course we still need to pack and move everything we’ve accumulated over our two years here.  We need new signage at the street.  Our clients, partners, vendors, plus city and state government agencies all need our new address.  Even the ones with whom we only interact online.  And so much more.  As much as the world has gone digital this has been a good reminder of the importance of place.

The big move is scheduled for President’s Day weekend.  We'll be leaving Campbell, CA and headed not far down the road to San Jose.  Pictures and details right after!  If you’re local we hope you visit, you know you’re always welcome!

Kudos to the US Post Office

I had to mail a few small packages to people in the US, Spain, and the UK and one heavier box to the East Coast.  I did a quick search to compare rates and the US Post Office was by far the cheapest.  Now, I did struggle with the online forms for international shipments.  You need to know what your package weighs so we had to bring in a digital kitchen scale.   Once I had that info filling out the form for the UK shipment was fairly easy.  I was able to pay and print the label.  Not so for Spain!  I don’t know what the problem was but I got error messages for things that clearly weren’t errors.  Let’s chalk it up to a systems glitch.

Off I went to the post office.  All the domestic packages were fine.  The flat rate box to the East Coast saved quite a bit of money. As they say, if it fits it ships, and that box was very full. 

But then we get to the international shipments.  I was able to fill out paperwork for the Spain package, we did it the old fashioned way with a pen and form.  Luckily no one was behind me in line.   I proudly handed over the package to the UK only to be told our scale was clearly wrong as the package weighs an ounce more than I paid for.  The only item I could remove was the chocolate.  One piece that’s now mine.  And here’s where the kudos come in.  Heritage Post Office, Campbell California.  The woman working there cut the padded envelope down to within 1/10th of an ounce of the correct weight.  She taped and taped that thing to make sure it was sealed and I was able to use the original label with the prepaid postage.   Thank you!  And I did admit to the recipient stealing her chocolate, it was quite good, one piece of Lindt was a nice treat this afternoon!

Couldn't have chosen a better location

It’s hard to believe but we moved into our offices a full year ago.  We knew the location was good, but didn’t know how nice it would be.  We focused our office search on Campbell as most of us live nearby.  Besides an easy commute, it’s a short walk to a grocery store, our bank, an office supply store, several restaurants, and not one but our choice of two Starbucks!  We’re right across the street from Ebay and have walked over to the food trucks parked on the nearby street on more than one occasion.  Finally the Los Gatos Creek Trail is just up the road, a nearly 10 mile paved path great for walkers, runners, and bikers.  We try to get out on the path for a 30 minute walk mid-day, so much better than sitting at our desks for a full day. We’ve had the space to easily accommodate our growing team and a wonderful location.  If you’re in the Bay Area stop by for a visit!

Renovation nearly complete

Our building was recently purchased. The new owners have fully renovated the lower floor, looks like the entire space was gutted, new everything put in, and the work is nearly complete. Our office is on the upper floor and we heard, even felt, all the work. Amazing how loud it can be when they're working on the ceiling below you! We apologized for the noise over many a phone call, had more off site meetings than planned, and went out for a team lunch the day the water was shut off for inspections. We're looking forward to touring the new offices and when the new landlord moves his company in. Let's hope there are more than enough parking spaces!

Helen gets the boot, literally

Helen's bootWell one of our finest is in a boot. She was injured while clearing debris for fire safety at her home and will be in this thing for several weeks. Here's to hoping her bones heal quickly! For now no more afternoon walks for Helen. Not only are we across the street from Ebay but the City of Campbell has a great walking trail very nearby. Miles of paved path, largely level. It's a very popular area for groups like Team in Training to hold practices on the weekend. Knowing we sit way too much all day many of us regularly walk after work or even run in the mornings. What healthy habits does your workplace encourage?

Campbell California bound

Found it! Great office space in Campbell CA, right across the street from eBay. We’ll have plenty of space for offices and meeting rooms plus a kitchenette. It's just a short walk to the Los Gatos Creek Trail, restaurants, and necessities like the bank and post office. Target start date is March 1 so we’ll have lots to do between now and then.