Meet the Referential Team - Lynn Watts

Lynn&BertieWorking from the UK, Lynn Watts has been an Advocate Consultant with Referential for 20-years! She also assists Referential’s creative team when needed, as she has a background as a graphic designer.  One of Lynn’s strongest suits is being able to talk to anyone, whether it be an executive or a sales rep or a technician. She thinks of herself as a matchmaker of the business world; working hard to find the best fitting advocates to speak to each prospect. One of her favorite aspects about work is it’s always interesting; every day is different.

Being a team player enables Lynn to help both her clients and coworkers. She adores her Referential family and is grateful for the supportive and close dynamic they all share. In fact, what she finds so extraordinary about the team is the broad range of experience between them. They can leverage each of their skills and expertise, making for an extraordinarily strong group of consultants.

She recalled a favorite memory – which coincidentally occurred during one of her California visits – one of the team was sitting on a yoga ball and it happened to burst right underneath them! Thankfully, the colleague wasn’t hurt and the whole moment was captured on the cameras in the office, immortalizing the scene forever.

Aside from her job, Lynn loves to play tennis – at club-level impressively enough – walk her dog (that's Bertie in the photo), garden, spend time with her family, and just be outdoors. 

She appreciates the gratitude and recognition she gets from clients, especially kudos those from contacts outside of the advocacy programs that suddenly realize what the program can do for them. And she’s thankful for her team at Referential for constantly expanding her horizons.

2014 Holidays

I’m not sure if it’s early or late for this but at Referential we’ve been setting the 2014 holiday schedule. We have eight standard dates each year and then two more are chosen which vary year by year. I see several long holiday weekends ahead! Conveniently the 4th of July is a Friday in 2014. Christmas falls on a Thursday so we will also celebrate Boxing Day, closing the 26th. Boxing Day is a national holiday in the UK and Ireland, and since our founders hail from England it’s quite fitting we should have that as one of our company holidays.

And since someone’s bound to ask, it’s not called Boxing Day because it has anything to do with putting on the gloves and getting in the ring for a friendly fight. Some historians say Boxing Day developed because servants were required to work Christmas day, but took the next day off. As servants left to spend time with family their employers would give them gift boxes. Another theory holds that boxes placed in churches for donations for the poor were opened and the monies distributed on the 26th.

For us, in 2014, Boxing Day will be an extra day to spend with family and friends!