Have you done 10,000 steps today?

Yesterday Fitbits for the team arrived.  Many office workers, us included, have very sedentary jobs.  We try to get out and do a quick walk each day and thought Fitbits for all would be a good reward for a great quarter as well as an incentive to get moving.  Fitbits will track steps, distance, calories burned, how many minutes you’re truly active and even monitor your sleep.  They are motivational.  There’s quite a race among us to be the first to get to 10,000 steps today! There are many choices for wearable activity trackers and we did research to narrow down our choices.  In the end key factors were wristband size and phone support.  We have two folks with very large wrists, the device had to fit.  And we needed Android support.  Luckily we were also able to accommodate someone’s strong desire for a pretty color too!

There’s a huge range of normal activity levels between us.  We haven’t yet figured out how to best structure some sort of competition.  But we’re monitoring away and being more active than before.  While more activity is the goal, the fun we’re having as a team with this is a great side benefit.