Helen gets the boot, literally

Helen's bootWell one of our finest is in a boot. She was injured while clearing debris for fire safety at her home and will be in this thing for several weeks. Here's to hoping her bones heal quickly! For now no more afternoon walks for Helen. Not only are we across the street from Ebay but the City of Campbell has a great walking trail very nearby. Miles of paved path, largely level. It's a very popular area for groups like Team in Training to hold practices on the weekend. Knowing we sit way too much all day many of us regularly walk after work or even run in the mornings. What healthy habits does your workplace encourage?

Referential at Boulder Logic Customer Day

Earlier this week we participated in the Boulder Logic Customer Day 2013.  It was a great opportunity to meet with others in the industry.  We were asked to present so Helen led a session on reporting and ROI measurement representing one of our clients, Infor. Metrics is one of our key areas of expertise, we've done extensive work in that area and have targeted service offerings.  Many topics were covered over the course of the day and it was great to discuss and learn from each other; Jack from Kronos was bursting with ideas!  Thanks to Boulder Logic for organizing it and to Marketo for hosting the event.

Tired feet and voices; glad to have met everyone

2013_3_CRF Day 2_Abby from Infor visiting our  sponsor table We survived two hectic days of sessions at the Summit on Customer Engagement and chatting with all the practitioners. Three interesting themes surfaced: First, programs should now span voluntary advocacy engagement methodologies as well as the more traditional invitational reference program formats. Second, voice your customer’s customer’s story; the reader/viewer will understand how your solution has impacted this bottom line experience and will align with it far better. Thirdly, infographics are the leading way to get information quickly digested and embraced at the C-level. There's Helen, Lynn, and Abby from Infor at our table.