Intuit's Connect 2014

Yesterday Intuit hosted the first QuickBooks Connect Conference, nearby in San Jose, CA. I was one of the 4,000 or so attendees.  I have to say they did a first rate job.  The panel of speakers was very impressive – Magic Johnson to Martha Stewart, Arianna Huffington to Marc Andreesen and more.   The first panel started with Sekou Andrews and you cannot help but be energized by his presentation and his poetry.  Many of the people I spoke with later really enjoyed listening to Charles Best, founder of  He told great stories about not having the resources he needed as a teacher and finding a way to solve that for himself and so many others.  Very inspiring.  All the speakers had words of wisdom for small business owners and sometimes quite funny stories about their challenges along the way. Of course it was also a chance to see demos, speak with a wide range of vendors with products that complement QuickBooks, and get oh so many questions answered. Well worth the time, I’ll be there again in 2015.