2014 More Growth Ahead!

We’ve had many 2014 planning discussions with our clients recently.  It's exciting to see our clients expanding and there's lots of growth ahead for us too. The discussions remind me that 2013 has been quite a year for Referential, Inc.  We moved into new offices early in the year.  Being right across the street from Ebay not only makes us easy to find but some pretty good food trucks are nearby daily!  We hired several new people, more on the horizon.  Yes, training takes time but it’s been great seeing our company culture evolve.

In 2013 we also added important skills, such as support for more languages and expertise in additional industries.  Our business and technical knowledge means we can see the value our clients bring to their customers and we  highlight that value in all deliverables.

Finally we also added new services.  We’re often called upon to automate tasks, technical skills to the rescue!  This year we’ve also advised many clients on data issues  Spreadsheet or database and if the latter which one!  A conversation we’ve had often.

Whether our clients outsource the entirety of their customer reference program to us, having us do everything from initial program design through to fulfillment, or we do a smaller project such as a case study, all clients get nothing but the best from us.  Give us a call, let's see how we can help you get even more impact from your customer references.