DOJ Virus got me

The Department of Justice or DOJ virus got me, even with great security software on my system. It uses spam emails, freeware, shareware and other sources. I have no idea what triggered it for me.  It locked the system completely, claimed  my  system was blocked because I had been doing illegal activities.  It had my IP address and even had used the webcam to take my photo and insert it into the fairly official looking screen.  There are different versions, claiming you have been using copyrighted content, visiting pornographic websites, or even spreading malware.  In my case it demanded $300 to unlock the PC, but the demand can range from $100-$450.   Of course the Department of Justice Virus is a scam as no institution would lock your PC and ask you to pay any fines in that manner.  Scam, hoax. ransomware. It was still there when I turned my PC off and on.  I couldn’t do anything but luckily there are lots of resources out on the web with instructions to remove the virus.  A big thank you to all the folks who have posted instructions for removal and for our resident IT guru who helped me.  Hopefully none of you get infected!