Do your passwords put you at risk?

SplashData's fifth annual "Worst Passwords List" report shows people continue to be at risk.  “123456” and “password” again top the list!   “Football” is more popular then “Baseball” and “Dragon” beats “Monkey”.  New, common passwords in 2015 included “welcome”, “princess”, and “starwars”.  “12345678” and “123456789” are both high on the list but not necessarily more secure than the top worst password of “123456” as they are based on the same simple pattern.  Makes you wonder about password choices! So what should you do?  Some simple recommendations from SplashData and others include using a minimum of 8 characters and make sure you mix letters, numbers, and special characters.  Don’t use common words or phrases, even if spelled backwards, and do not use the same password everywhere. If discovered once you are at risk everywhere else it’s used.  Don’t share your passwords, don’t save them to your browser.  Even today it’s still worth repeating those basics.  Finally, consider using a password manager which can save and generate secure passwords for you.

How secure are your passwords?