Case Studies - A Record!

Case studies, success stories, or whatever your favorite term, are common components of customer reference programs.  We write a lot of them.  Some of our clients have unique style guides, otherwise our writing follows AP rules.  Believe it or not we had a discussion about comma placement at lunch.  Do you put a comma before ‘but’ in a sentence?   We were divided on that one.  This week is a record for us.  The largest number of case studies approved for publication ever.   And we’re only at Thursday!  They’re not easy to write.  You need to tell an engaging story where the customer gets to shine, while at the same time our client’s key value add is the focus.  Review cycles are always interesting too as they include not only our client but their customer too.  From the beginning of the process to case study publication can be as short as 2 weeks, though some take much longer.

Our depth of understanding of our client’s offerings is key.  We know the business value they bring so we’re able to ask their customers the right questions to get powerful quotes and strong supporting proof points.  And we have great writers!

It will be interesting to see how long this record stands!

Nearing End of a Big Project

We've been working on a series of case studies for one of our major clients.   Lots of interviews with both sales reps and customers.   It's great to hear all the wonderful things the customers have to say.  The stories are really quite compelling, after all who can tell a convincing story better than your most satisfied customers!   We've been making sure to drive the discussions to uncover not only the business drivers for choosing our client's product but also the full range of impact, financial and otherwise.  As we know the products quite well it's easy to ask the right questions.  Our discussions have uncovered some great ideas for product enhancements too, anxious to talk to the product teams.