Congratulations on their promotions!

Big congratulations to two team members who were both recently promoted. Alexander was promoted a short time ago and Miguel just today. In both cases we had a team lunch scheduled, but no details. Lots of guessing as to what would be discussed and then we were surprised with the good news.  It’s nice to hear such news for our team mates while at a celebratory lunch!  Well deserved by both. While they have donea great job across the board, some major accomplishments stand out. Alexander was the driving force for our initial Influitive project which has been hugely successful.  Miguel is working with one of our clients who is among the first to move to a new advocacy platform. Both have been at the forefront of new services and technology expertise we can now offer our clients. We are proud of their accomplishments, congratulations again!

Have a Super weekend!

The Super Bowl is right in our back yard. Santa Clara, site of Levi’s Stadium, is very nearby.   While the game may be in Santa Clara, official events are from San Francisco to Gilroy. It seems absolutely everything can be football themed. A special art exhibit at the Triton Museum, STEM expos at local libraries, golf tournaments, charity events, bowling tournaments, new structures in local parks – you name it and there is a football themed version of it nearby. We have entire buildings wrapped, now essentially very large billboards (thank you Oracle) and the logo for Super Bowl 50 is everywhere, on everything. The area is ready. Security is in place, transportation routes planned, certain streets already closed. The Bay Bridge lights are back, the potholes on 101 (at least between San Francisco and Santa Clara) are gone. Celebrities are here or will be shortly, logoed merchandise is everywhere.   Even El Nino is cooperating. There’s a break in the rain and the weekend should be sunny and 70s. Enjoy a super weekend. Let's all join with half time headliner Coldplay, in cheering for their favorite team, the Denver Panthers!

First Fall Holiday

It’s quite a day for celebrations here. Of course it’s Halloween.  For those of us in Northern California we are still celebrating the World Series win of the San Francisco Giants as the team returned to the Bay Area and a huge parade.  Plus we have rain, and we haven’t seen rain like this in far too long.  So on all counts it’s quite a day! We did have a client visit our offices today.   The vast majority of our clients are located far away.  It was quite a treat to discover one was local and rather than speak on the phone, would come in for our meeting.  We did warn him, we dress for Halloween!  He was able to meet with a cavewoman, the 49ers Super Fan, and one of the minions from Despicable Me.  More fun than the average meeting!

We were able to kick off the fall season with a holiday, a client meeting, and a bit of fun. Hopefully your company enjoys the holidays too and has much to celebrate in the coming months.

Year end activities begin!

We’re nearing the start of the 4th quarter already! We have many celebrations ahead.  As a team we have the majority of our work anniversaries and birthdays towards the end of the year.  We have a request for cake and potato chips for the next birthday celebration – not a combo we’ve had before but when it’s your birthday you get to choose!   In addition, with a group as diverse as ours is today we will observe a wide range of holidays. This year we’ll be making a point of actively learning about the traditions and holiday observations of everyone on the team. Not only is it a time to celebrate, from a work perspective it’s extremely busy. Many of our clients have fiscal year ends in December.  At quarter and year end there’s always a sales push and that means an increased demand for customer references.  Phones will be ringing off the hook!  The other large year end project is to update agreements with all of our clients for 2015.  They are growing and we expect increased demand for our services.

The quarter ahead will be very busy but also full of fun events, plus the outlook for 2015 is great! We hope the future looks as rosy for you.

Hello and Goodbye

We’re about to say goodbye to our team member from London. Her visit went so fast!  She’s headed to a conference next week and then back home.  We love having her visit.  We’ll miss having her here in person, but we’ll see her on Skype with our team meetings each week. While we are sad to say goodbye to Lynn, we are happy to say hello to Ankit.  We just hired a new staff reference manager.  He brings a great skill set and multiple languages – fluency in Punjabi and Hindi.  He’s joining just as we kick off work with a new client; it will be nice for him to be involved from the beginning.

To wish Lynn a safe trip home and to celebrate Ankit joining us, we have a fun afternoon planned on Friday.  Lunch and a bit of team building ahead.  We are all looking forward to a fun afternoon.   While we eat lunch as a group most days it will be nice to have some extended time together.

Snacks - they're good for business!

The Intuit Small Business blog had a recent post about the business benefits of providing nutritious snacks for your employees.  You don’t want unhealthy snacks leading to health issues. Here at Referential, Inc. we tend to each lunch together and it’s interesting to see what everyone brings.  Let’s just say a few of us take health and nutrition more seriously than others!  Yesterday we had a treat, someone brought a fresh smoothie she had just made from home.  Spinach, mango, almonds, and cranberry-raspberry juice.  While it was green it smelled and tasted of fruit.  Surprising that you didn’t even taste the spinach.

I have to say that was much healthier than the other snacks we shared earlier in the week.  Afternoon tea is often at our desks, unless there is birthday cake or treats!  A discussion of a European trip at lunch meant we had chocolate croissants one afternoon.  And just because they looked good it was blueberry scones another day.  At least we cut them into reasonable sized servings!

So while our snacks may not always be the healthiest, nothing beats the camaraderie as we share their deliciousness!

Happy half birthday to us!

Referential, Inc. celebrates a birthday today.  After 19 years as H & D Feber Associates, Referential, Inc. was 'born' Jan 1 of this year.  And what a six months it's been.  We incorporated, hired new employees, set up our corporate structure, expanded our client base, moved into new offices, and more!  We just had a little celebration with quite the cake.  Believe it or not this chocolate goodness comes with  no added sugar.  We're not sure how Whole Foods does it but this has become our favorite cake for company celebrations.  It certainly tastes sugar-full! We're looking forward to everything the next 6 months brings and our first (really 20th) birthday in January of 2014.birthday cake