Process review for us - growth for our clients

We have many clients and each has a slightly different advocacy program. Over time, added experience and viewpoints has increased our knowledge and capabilities. Together, those led to our decision to do a complete process review. It’s good to take a step back now and then to ensure we’re using the best processes and tools across the board. It’s also a chance to do some cross training. Team members who work on accounts where our services are very focused might not have yet had the opportunity to participate in the full range of our offerings. The first step was to update our master template. This will give us a refreshed starting point for new clients and updated documentation for training new hires. This process review is an opportunity to look for growth for our clients. We can share best practices and genericized information about where other clients are seeing the most impact. And we know there’s no better salesperson than a happy customer!   As we help our clients harness the power of their happy customers it leads to increased sales. And that’s really what we’re here to do, help our clients grow.

Background check firms- part 2

Moving offices means our background check company wants to visit – again. A site visit has been ordered. We assume they want to look at the same things as before – do we have locks on the doors into the building, do we have locks on the filing cabinets which might store their reports, are the PCs that will be accessing their systems password protected, and so on. Last time they took interior and exterior photos as well. We had just bought new paper shredders, good timing as we were specifically asked if we had a shredder and where it was! As long as we’re going through major elements of their registration process, again, we decided to look at other choices. More research to do next week but this might trigger us making a move to a more fully integrated background check platform. We hadn’t expect our move to lead to this sort of change, interesting the breadth of impact when you move from one office building to another!