Capturing the Voice of the Customer at Events

Our team recently spent a week in Washington D.C. to support all the advocacy activities for one of our clients at their annual industry conference. The event is highly attended by our client’s most enthusiastic supporters, so our team is onsite every year to capture customers’ excitement and passion through interviews and video testimonials and leverage the occasion as an opportunity to recognize the involvement of current advocates and recruit new members to the advocacy program.

In the months leading up to the conference, our advocacy team is always diligently at work identifying customer advocates attending the event and working with account owners to determine the best customer stories to feature in case studies and videos. By the time the conference begins, our materials creation team has a full schedule of customer interviews to conduct.


Our film crew is expert at transforming all types of spaces into professional pop-up film studios. After years of working together to create reference material in the customer voice, the team has skillfully mastered the craft of making the proverbial “hot seat” as comfortable as can be for interviewees. They excel at helping customers thrive in front of the camera and are pros at conducting open-ended interviews that lead to passionate discussions about customers’ experience and success with our client’s solutions.

The conference brings together customers from around the globe, making the event an efficient and cost-effective opportunity to capture testimonials and promote the advocacy program. Every day of the conference, our team films several customer interviews, each of which serves as the source material for a case study and a video. Our conversations with customers also can be leveraged to craft thought-leadership blogs and to gather background information for award nominations and other engagements through the advocacy program.

Are you bringing all your biggest supporters together for a conference, user group or other customer-centric event? Let us know if your organization is interested in capturing customer testimonials during the event or in consultations on how best to leverage the engagement to promote your advocacy program!