Grand Opening of Our New Meeting and Video Space!

Our new training, video, and meeting space had its grand opening September 14.  We hosted a meeting of a Bay Area advocacy group in the morning and a team meeting in the afternoon. We have a video corner, large conference table, smaller table for break outs, projector, TV, white boards, conference phone....  We will host group and client meetings and have plans for many other events in the near future. Below see the view from the front entrance. Cozy chairs provide a second break out area and a great spot for anyone who arrives early. The second photo is from the far wall and shows our video nook. Much of our video work has been at client and customer sites, in fact the team heads to Dubai later this week!  The sound proofing we did makes filming in this space a great option. Finally, you can see Alex and Dave were first to arrive for a later meeting, at our larger table which easily accommodates 12.  Stop by and visit or inquire about hosting your meeting here!

entrance 3


World Backup Day - Today AND Everyday

WBD logo
WBD logo

According to a 2016 survey  by Backblaze 24% of people have never done a backup and 25% only do so yearly!

To bring more awareness, March 31 is World Backup Day, chosen to be the day before April Fool’s Day to remind people, “don’t be an April Fool. Be prepared.”We know we should back up frequently, ideally daily, but it doesn’t hurt to have a day where we are thoughtful about all devices, all content, related to both work and our personal lives.While we may have automated backups at work, do you at home?Safeguard your photos, phones, tablets, financial documents – all important files. If you are one of the very prepared that does regular backups, do you also have a plan of action in case those backups are needed in the future?Have you tested it?

There’s something for all of us to think about on World Backup Day and according to the founder, Ismail Jadun, cake is also an acceptable method of celebrating, provided there is cake for all.So safeguard your data and then celebrate with cake!  Info can be found here. See more at Twitter: @WorldBackupDay .  While you're there, follow us: @Referentialinc. As they say, don't be an April fool, but do be prepared.

CPR and First Aid Certified!

We spent Friday afternoon with the Red Cross and the lovelies in the photo below. All of us are now trained in CPR and first aid. It was a great afternoon of team building and a wonderful learning experience. It's the sort of training you hope to never have to use but if there is an emergency we are now all much better prepared. 

CPr manikins at the ready!!

September: National Preparedness Month

During September, National Preparedness Month, we all need to take action to ready ourselves for whatever the future may bring.  Whether natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes or other situations, disaster can hit at any time.  This is a perfect month to  take proactive steps to prepare which could include signing up for local alerts, assembling supplies, checking insurance coverage, planning for emergency communications, reviewing the security of your data, or even conducting drills.  September 30 is America's PrepareAthon!, a day for action planning for emergencies.  If you have more to do to ensure a robust emergency plan take steps on the 30th. and are just two of the many sites full of helpful resources and ideas. Earthquakes are the natural disaster we prepare for.  10:20 am on Oct 20 is the Great ShakeOut.  Visit if you are in an earthquake prone area to learn more about the event and related resources.

A little shaking and inspecting going on!

We had a small earthquake here in northern California earlier this week. 3.4, centered south of here. We didn’t all feel it, but it’s still a good reminder for earthquake preparedness. We registered to participate in the Great California Shakeout (Oct 17) some time ago. We already have fire extinguishers, a first aid kit, and basic tools. Adding a little food and water wouldn't hurt. The Shakeout website has great resources for emergency drills. Love the audio you can play during your drill to provide more realism, though the sounds of creaking buildings are a bit ominous! Coincidentally we had building inspectors through here yesterday. Our office building has been for sale for only a short time, who knows we might have new owners soon! The inspection was quick, there were some improvements done before we moved in. We did get questions about all the folks sitting on balls, rather than chairs, at their desks. But more on that, plus a photo, is for another day.