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Our new phone system is in and it's a wonder! We've all had to learn the voicemail options, how to transfer calls, and the mysteries of 'night mode'. Luckily the company has some cheatsheets though audioconferencing has soooo many features a single sheet wasn't enough. It will be hard to sneak into one of our audioconference calls, we can monitor attendance on the web while we're on the phone. Great system, really like all the features.

All set, check out our new digs!

2013_3_Monument from Bascom side We're all set in our new offices, March 1, 2013. You can't miss us as you drive down Hamilton, we're opposite eBay headquarters and we’re the first one listed on the monument sign right outside the front door. There’s plenty of parking around the back and the flight of stairs from the parking lot will bring you right to our front door. There’s always coffee available in the mornings and a cup of English tea in the afternoons; stop by and say “hi”. If you can’t pop by please call… we have our new phone number: 408 335 6699.