Meet the Referential Team: Alex Feber

FB_IMG_1518427106088 Alex Feber is truly a one-of-a-kind employee at Referential. He is the Communications Manager that encompasses both the video production and graphics design functions.. Somehow, he manages these two jobs and is exceptionally successful in them, regularly receiving kudos for the pieces he produces.

Alex says his favorite things about work are the environment and the possibilities. Ironically, he creates both of those for himself! Throughout the day, many of his witty remarks can be heard throughout the office creating a light, amiable and welcoming environment, and perhaps the tightknit team is partially a result of that. As for the possibilities, Alex makes sure to take advantage of every single one he gets. He leads every video production that leaves Referential, and has turned what started as a hobby into a highly-valued and needed asset for the company.

He describes himself as friendly and humorous but hardworking – which most find difficult to juggle at the same time. I’m sure his co-workers can agree, and are thankful for the skills and comedy he offers. Alex didn’t forget to express his gratitude to the team and for his job. He appreciates his peers who can tag along with his sense of humor and to his job that provides a creative outlet for him.

A favorite memory of his was moving into the new Referential building, knowing that they owned it, it was a big step forward in the right direction for the future of the company. He enjoyed seeing their hard work coming together and was excited to see how Referential will evolve in the future. Alex hopes he can grow along with the company, and continue to hone his video producing skills. He’d like the chance to film some friends’ cars and motorcycles seeing as those are some of his other interests. Most notably, he hopes to see the Video Creation Team grow.

He recalled an embarrassing moment in which he had started filming only to realize a while later that he hadn’t inserted a memory card into one of the two cameras! This essentially meant there was no footage from the side camera but thankfully the shots from the front-facing one were fine. It made for a memory that everyone had a good laugh at.

Alex said working at Referential has shaped him into the person he is today and has helped him appreciate the value of hard work, and we surely appreciate him right back for that!