Tips for Securing Employer Funding for Training

You know customer advocacy training will help you work smarter and accelerate your career. We’ve put together this list of tools that can help you secure company funding for training.

  1. Build support for your attendance:

    • Understand company policies about funding training

    • Review top reasons to attend training (see below)

    • Emphasize the benefits to your company in your request

    • Note how the training is directly connected to your objectives

    • Start the approval process early to be able to attend desired dates

  2. Send an email request to your manager, samples below.  This will give your manager time to think about your request and you can then discuss in person. 

  3. After the training share what you learned and add value back to your company


There are countless benefits to attending training and investing in your professional development. While the value of training will vary from person to person and company to company, these are some of the top reasons to attend customer advocacy training:

  1. Immerse yourself in the customer advocacy community

  2. Work more efficiently and avoid pitfalls when back at work

  3. Solidify your job skills

  4. Get solutions to challenges you face today

  5. Learn skills and best practices to apply in the future and share with others

  6. Ensure that you are up to date with the latest industry trends

  7. Build recognition for your company and learn from other key players in the industry

  8. Be prepared to take on more responsibility

  9. Evolve your customer advocacy program to new levels of maturity