We handle all aspects of designing, deploying, and running advocacy programs. We're strategic advisors for some of the biggest programs in the world but also get excited working at a tactical level with initiatives at the opposite end of the spectrum. We can supplement, complement, or even run the whole thing for you.

- Need help selecting the right database? – we have years of experience to help you make exactly the right choice

- Pushing to get a global program? – not a problem: we have a global presence and many native speakers on our staff

- Thinking about an IPO? – we've done it before and know what it takes

- Want to create a community, social forum or advocacy hub? – we know how


Written, video, audio and multi-media pieces – we can deliver. From podcasts, videos through to white papers, awards submissions and success stories, our creative team has worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry; let us share our experiences with you.

- Need to create a new YouTube channel featuring happy clients? – we’ll show you how

- Have a technically complex product? – we're highly adept at embracing the most sophisticated solutions and then articulating the benefits in a way everyone can understand

- Being asked for success stories in local languages? –  that’s what we do

- Struggling to create a compelling awards submission for one of your favorite clients? – we know what it takes to impress the judges and have the results to prove it

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – we show you how to bring structure to the most free-format of programs. Our expertise in metrics, data visualization, and the application of Microsoft Office(R) products is unrivaled in the industry.

- Ever tried to quantify the business impact of your program? – we know all the angles to help you create a really compelling picture and get the funding you deserve

- Want to know how many advocates you need to keep the funnel moving quickly and sales happy? – we have the benchmarks to work it out

- Wonder what you can achieve if you add another person to the team? – we'll model your environment and show you exactly what it will look like

- Are you spending too much time generating reports every month? – we’re experts at doing it smarter

Customer advocacy professionals don’t just grow on trees. Referential training equips practitioners with the fundamentals of customer advocacy, the skills and frameworks of program delivery, and the tools and tactics of design, management and strategy needed to create a world-class program.

 - Looking for a foundation in the principles of customer advocacy? – we leverage decades of experience to launch you on the path to success 

- Need to design, implement and manage a world-class advocacy program? – learn from the best in the industry about what it takes to stand out from the crowd

- Wanting to select, implement or justify a Reference Management System or a spreadsheet-based tool? – we have the deep expertise you need

- Getting ready to take an ICCAP certification? – as an ICCAP-sanctioned training organization, our classes are tailored to precisely align with the topics of CCAP I, II, and III Certifications