We take great pride in being the best in the industry at what we do, so it's imperative that our partners are best-in-class too. We've put in place select collaborations that expand our capabilities in a way that enhances the value we bring to our own clients. The companies we work with are recognized innovators in their own fields and we partner in a way that provides our clients with a seamless, integrated solution to address their needs.

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Referential has partnered with Point of Reference for over a decade. We have developed extensive expertise in ReferenceEdge and can assist in all technical, strategic, and personnel-related activities associated with the database and associated processes.



RO Innovation is the world's largest customer reference management and sales enablement solutions provider. Enjoying tight executive- and technical-level collaborations, Referential provides leadership in the full suite of RO ReferenceView services, including data manipulation and migration from other data repositories.


Proud to be Influitive's very first certified partner, Referential is uniquely positioned to assist clients in unleashing the power of their advocates. The Influitive AdvocateHub is an innovative marketing solution that helps B2B companies capture customer enthusiasm, and use it to accelerate marketing and sales efforts.

Join Referential’s Influitive AdvocateHub – named Rendezvous – to learn, share, collaborate and have some fun alongside our growing community of customer advocacy practitioners! Every quarter, we “Rendezvous” at a new location, in part to enable you to experience the different features and capabilities of the AdvocateHub, but our underlying goal is to help you connect and network with your peers. To join Rendezous, please apply using this link:


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Hear what some of the customer advocacy practitioners from our community are saying about Referential’s Rendezvous AdvocateHub:

Referential continues to support the reference and customer engagement community. They have seen many years of best practices and share their knowledge with new and seasoned professionals. Rendezvous is great at keeping me current on trends in the industry, regularly surveying the landscape to share new technologies and practical applications of techniques, and connecting members of the reference community.”  - Rhett Livengood, Director of Digital Business Enabling, Intel Corporation


Crowdvocate is an omnichannel and in-app customer engagement marketing platform that enables friction-less customer interactions at scale. Through partnership with Crowdvocate, Referential has cultivated the knowledge and expertise to help you connect with your customers wherever they are, and seamlessly capture their experience with your solutions and passion for your brand.