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Customer advocacy professionals don’t just grow on trees; thriving in the discipline demands mastery of a specialized skill set and a keen understanding of frameworks and methodologies for administering a well-rounded advocacy program. Our tiered education program is designed for advocacy practitioners at any stage of their career. From studying the fundamentals of advocacy program design to evaluating proven strategies for engaging customers and investigating both established and emerging methods of asset creation and metric reporting, our education program provides in-depth training across the full breadth of skills and experience necessary for advocacy practitioners to thrive in any industry.

Referential training is tiered to support the Institute of Certified Customer Advocacy Professionals (ICCAP) three levels of certification. Training also can be customized to meet individual needs or interest in specific topics.

The Customer Advocacy Professional training program by Referential is the perfect preparation for ICCAP certification. Delivered with enthusiasm by a true industry leader, it thoroughly covers all relevant topics and helped me discover areas of advocacy that we can focus our attention on in the coming months, to further improve our robust customer advocacy program.
— Training Participant, March 2019

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Customer Advocacy Professional: Level 1 - Fundamentals

A deep-dive into the principles that shape and define every customer advocacy program, this course provides students an opportunity to learn and apply the basic tools and strategies of advocate recruitment and reference request fulfillment. Through a blended use of lecture, discussion, and hands-on class activities, Customer Advocacy Fundamentals for Professionals covers topics such as leveraging reference management systems to track and assess program performance, establishing processes for cross-functional collaboration to identify and recruit advocates, and refining communication strategies for a range of different customer audiences.  

Intended audience: We recommend completing this course if you have 0-2 years of experience in customer advocacy.

ICCAP Exam Preparation: The topics covered in this course are designed to prepare students for the ICCAP I Certification exam.

Newly released: Level I Online Training - with introductory pricing!

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Customer Advocacy Professional: Level 2 - Program Delivery Essentials

This course delves into the intricacies of effectively managing a sub-team of customer advocacy professionals and overseeing specific portions of program delivery. Through instructor-led presentations and applied-learning exercises using real world scenarios, Level 2 - Program Delivery Essentials covers topics such as conducting gap analyses and leveraging findings to solicit reference nominations, planning and implementing multi-tier advocacy programs, utilizing metrics and reporting for strategic program promotion, and full life-cycle customer asset creation management.  

Intended audience: We recommend completing this course if you have accountability for managing specific program deliverables or overseeing sub-teams in your customer advocacy program.

ICCAP Exam Preparation: The topics covered in this course are designed to prepare students for the ICCAP II Certification exam.

Online Level II training will be available shortly.

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Customer Advocacy Professional: Level 3 - Management & Strategy

A critical analysis of the tools and strategies necessary to sustain program performance and promote program growth, this course educates professionals on the essentials of building an advocacy program from scratch and motivating institutional adoption of customer advocacy strategy. Comprised of lecture, facilitator-led discussion, and class activities that enable participants to apply learnings to their individual programmatic needs (priorities), this course is designed to deliver tangible strategies and methods for cross-functional alignment of program and company goals. Customer Advocacy Strategy for Professionals covers topics such as standardizing strategic processes for metrics and reporting to promote multi-department program adoption, designing programmatic models for scale and growth that leverage executive buy-in and sponsorship, creating nomination protocols that align with established departmental practices and processes, and architecting efficient, effective advocacy program technology stacks.

Intended audience: We recommend completing this course if you are an experienced advocacy professional responsible for building, managing, and growing an advocacy program or promoting broader visibility and adoption of customer advocacy within your organization. This course material is intended for experienced advocacy practitioners.      

ICCAP Exam Preparation: The topics covered in this course are designed to prepare students for the ICCAP III Certification exam.

Online Level III training will be available shortly.

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ICCAP Practice Exam (Level I)

Through these practice exams, gain firsthand understanding of what to expect when you apply your experience and knowledge in an ICCAP Certification Exam. Identify concepts in the customer advocacy discipline you may need to review to succeed. Help yourself feel prepared and confident for certification exams. And efficiently earn each level of your ICCAP certification credentials, saving time and resources on re-examination, with these study materials.

Practice exams from Referential address all the major areas of expertise covered in ICCAP’s Certification testing. Each practice exam consists of 60 randomized questions that reflect the core competencies of the corresponding level of ICCAP certification. Practitioners will have five opportunities to complete the practice test. On completion of each round, you will receive your final score and access to the full set of questions and the corresponding answer key.

While practice exams use the same question format and cover the same topics as ICCAP Certification Exams, practice exam content is the sole, individual creation of Referential Inc. and does not replicate or copy any content from official ICCAP materials.

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