Congratulations to Influitive – Named Leading Advocacy Software!

Congratulations to our partner Influitive! Yesterday Influitive announced that they were named to the leader quadrant in the G2 Crowd survey on brand advocacy software. G2Crowd is a leading business software review platform and rates products based on data sourced from product reviews shared by users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Over 150 customer reviews of seven different technology vendors determined the rankings. Influitive ranked highest in both customer satisfaction and market presence.  Of the Influitive reviews, 98% of customers rated Influitive with four or five stars on a five-star scale and 99% said they believe Influitive is headed in the right direction.  

You can see details at the G2 Crowd site, here.   Access the free online report (a $599 value) by G2 Crowd here.  Congratulations Influitive!  

Dramatic - and Fast - Increase in Customer Engagement

We recently worked with a client to launch an Influitive AdvocateHub as a new front-end to their existing advocacy program. The decision to do this was made swiftly with the requirement that it went live 3 business days ahead of their inaugural user conference. Being able to unveil a hub at a major customer event is the perfect opportunity to accelerate engagement and build excitement for an advocacy program, however in this case it gave us only 14 business days to design, configure and populate it with activities/challenges! We are not ones to be overcome by what seemed impossible odds. What most hubs take 6 to 8 weeks to deploy, we accomplished in 2.5!

For those of you not familiar, an Influitive AdvocateHub enables the construction of a wider advocate community by inviting customers, partners, prospects and employees into it to complete "challenges" that span fun activities, educational opportunities and taking action such as making referrals, taking reference calls, writing product reviews and more. As advocates complete challenges, they earn points, badges and progress through levels that can be used for a variety of perks and privileges.

For our client, the hub out-stripped all expectations and success metrics that were defined in the planning stage: Nearly 60% of all attendees at the event joined and immediately started engaging in challenges. It exceeded the initial expectations for the number of participants 8 fold! Hub members completed over 1000 challenges in less than a week; nearly half became new social media followers of our client, and tweeting and forwarding of blog posts reached the highest levels our client had seen. Participants gave glowing reviews and volunteered for a variety of advocacy activities from case studies to presenting in webinars and at future events.

Referential: Influitive's First Certified Partner!

Influitive certification logoWe just got the official word that we are Influitive‘s first Certified Partner!  Just in case you haven't heard of them, the Influitive platform provides companies with the ability to create communities of advocates and really leverage all the goodwill that their advocates have generated. Getting certified required the successful completion, by more than one of the Referential team, of a series of online and classroom training sessions, field training, and passing a final oral exam to demonstrate that we have the necessary skills and knowledge to represent Influitive to customers.

Influitive was created by the founder of Eloqua (since bought by Oracle for almost $1 billion) and is attracting a lot of attention in the marketplace. We've watched the platform evolve and mature over the last three years and definitely feel that the time is right to participate in what we think will be a game changer in our industry. One of the great things for us is that the AdvocateHub, as it's known, is a logical extension of everything we've been doing over the last 20+ years in the reference/advocacy space - it just makes things so much easier!

Influitive has offices around the globe and we’re really proud to be the first Certified Partner in the world!

Back From Influitive's Advocamp

Several of us just returned from Influitive’s Advocamp, which, to use their words, is "a global business gathering focused on one transformational idea: that the future belongs to companies that develop and mobilize advocates as their primary goal". And that’s exactly what Referential does for our clients, help them realize the true value of their customers through advocacy. At Advocamp two of us completed Advocate Marketing Certification. Previously two members of the team completed partner training and certification. We’re about to work with several clients who are at early stages of using Influitive’s solution and we are ready!

On day one of Advocamp we focused on certifications and in depth training. The balance of the event had about 50 sessions, spread over multiple tracks. While the presentations andkeynotes were short, by design, the content was rich. The event was a great match to our company focus.

Nearly 1000 enthusiastic people attended. Influitive transformed the Hyatt in San Francisco to a camp ground. They brought in hundreds of trees, rustic wood backdrops, and even faux fires! Good job Influitive! An informative and fun event. We look forward to working with Influitive more in the future and are already planning to attend next year’s Advocamp.